Adaptive Access Policies

React instantly to the changing user context.

Protect particular systems and networks.

Customize security policies entirely.

Protection Procedures For All Circumstances

Get granular on who will be able to access what and when. Our platform allows you to build custom access policies based on position, device, place, and many other situational variables.

The true zero-trust policy adjusts the degree of access or trust depending on the contextual data of the user or system requesting access. It also restricts access to users who really need it. With our platform, you can establish comprehensive policies in minutes using a quick, intuitive Administrator dashboard and manage rules globally or for unique applications or user groups.

Verifying Trustworthy Users

Each consumer has a particular use case for accessing your apps, and our platform handles them all with grace. Detect user location, device, position, and more at every login, set security measures based on these features, search for anomalies, and continuously track policy effectiveness—all without disrupting the regular workflows of your users.

Secured Access Based on Device Trust

Protect against potentially insecure or risky devices that access your applications and data. Apply security policies to every device—managed or unmanaged. Our platform lets you define permissions on the basis of OS and individual system settings, and automatically alert (or even limit) users when their software is out of date.

Implementation of Policies by Application

Take a big step towards zero confidence by ensuring that the right individuals can access the right resources. Our platform's application-specific controls find things simple for workers to enter into contracts, change access permissions, secure high-value information with strict security policies, and more.