Device Trust

Easily determine and monitor the health of your devices.

Enforce access control over managed and unmanaged systems.

Meet the objectives in compliance with the system control policies.

Secure Devices Reduces Security Risk

Identify unsafe devices, implement situational access policies, report on device health using an agentless approach, or incorporate them with your device management solutions.

You can't cover what you're not able to see. Being able to see into devices is the first step in building system trust, a critical element of a successful zero trust strategy. Our platform offers visibility to every single computer on your network and conducts health checks at every possible login attempt.

Complete Visibility of Your Device

Verify the health of the device before granting access, in order to avoid your applications from being exposed to possible risks. Our platform offers comprehensive reports on both corporate and unmanaged computers, so you can quickly spot security threats, such as out-of-date or jail-broken devices, or suspicious login behaviors.

Simple Reporting and Management of Policy

Our platform helps you recognise possible threats so that you can meet compliance and change the access criteria for any circumstance. With strong reporting capabilities and an admin-friendly interface, our platform makes it easy to enforce and track granular security measures at all times.

Sophisticated BYOD Defense

You can have safe access to the software your customers need from anywhere in the world on the devices they choose to use. Full-time workers, short-term contractors, and suppliers will all get up and running quickly and easily with our platform. Granular access controls offer just the right level of protection, taking you one step closer to zero trust for your employees.

Enable Users To Update Their Devices

With our platform Device Wellbeing, Security Audit, and Self-Remediation tools, customers can take responsibility for the care of their laptops and mobile devices without the aid of IT. Automatically submit alerts when it's time for software updates, and prevent out-of-date devices from accessing company assets.