Multi-Factor Authentication

Validate your identity in seconds.

Protect any application from any computer.

Deploy easily in any setting.

How it Works

By partnering with Us, Multi-factor authentication is straightforward to use. Crafted for modern workers and backed by a zero-trust ethic, it is Cisco's user-friendly, flexible access security system that keeps the company ahead of ever-changing security risks.

Multi-factor authentication via Cisco's safeguards the applications by using a second validation source, such as a phone or token, to check the user's identity before access is granted. This is designed to provide a comfortable, seamless login experience for any user and application and, as a cloud-based solution, integrates seamlessly with your current technology.

User-Friendly, Extremely Safe Authentication

Including multi-factor authentication in the security framework does not have to be detrimental to your users. It is simple and easy for consumers to set up, and with a range of available user authentication, they can select the one that better suits their workflow. No headaches, no disruptions, it just functions.

Remarkably Scalable Technology for MFA

Since Multi-Factor Authentication serves as a portal to the current and future IT infrastructure, it is the ideal solution for growing businesses of any scale. Set up new users and support new devices at any time, and secure new apps almost instantly—without disrupting legacy technologies.

Super-Fast Deployment of MFA

Finally—a multi-factor authentication system that is not a huge pain to roll out. Lucid Cyber Solutions can be applied to any existing environment or network, and its self-enrolling feature makes it much easier for users to set up.

Unparalleled Coverage

Our Platform natively integrates to protect any application or network, so whether you add 2FA to achieve compliance goals or create a zero confidence system, our platform is the ideal addition to your security portfolio.

  • Multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-site environments
  • SAAS software, vital infrastructure, custom programs, and even SSH
  • Stable remote access, VPN clients, BYOD, and even offline devices

Management of Frictionless Authentication

With an intuitive administrative dashboard, accurate reporting, and an up-to-date cloud-based model, multi-factor authentication could not be easier to handle.