Single Sign-On

User-friendly, single panel access to applications.

Customize access policies for each program.

Support current SSOs, federations and identity providers.

An Easy Log In Experience

Our platform Single Sign-On (SSO) provides users with simple and reliable login experience with any and every program, whether on-site or cloud-based. Cloud-based, it's simple to set up and maintain.

The workforce today relies on an enormous variety of productivity systems and platforms, and it can be challenging to provide on-demand access to these tools without sacrificing protection. Luckily, our platform places important software at the hands of the users. If you're looking for a new SSO solution or want to secure an existing one, we provide a seamless login experience backed up by airtight information security.

The Modern Workforce SSO

Implement SSO with methods that people are currently using. If the applications are on-site or cloud-based, they are all easily integrated for easy access—and through our granular access policy measures, you can have just the right level of access for each program.

Compatible With Every Kind of Security Architecture

Our platform cloud-based SSO is built to support our multi-factor authentication solution—but our zero-trust framework combines hundreds of other SSO and Identity Provider tools, enabling you to secure access to applications that work best for your company.