About Us

We are  dedicated to fulfill client endeavors through premier cyber security services.

Established in 2020, Lucid Cyber Solutions is a managed security service provider operating in Florida.


Lucid Cyber Solutions is dedicated to fulfilling client endeavors through premier cyber security services. Our efficient multi-factor authentication streamlines critical business processes. We offer tailored policies that secure your organization’s computing and system infrastructure. Our company aims to garner trust, build relationships, and facilitate cohesion that thwarts the threats of cyber crime. We intend to advance your corporate goals with a committed staff of brilliant leaders and superb technicians.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect small businesses from cyber-attack while building a robust national cybersecurity workforce. Our team is made up of IT expert professionals –all ready to help solve your problems and grow your business.

Meet The Team

As a dynamic and high performing information technology professional, I have built a special combination of technical skills, organizational leadership, excellent customer service, and strategic planning. I grew fond of the computer field while serving abroad in the U.S. Navy. I then completed management systems education at Florida International University and have since held diverse technical jobs ranging from hardware support to senior security analyst. I have learned to champion obstacles by the relentless pursuit of knowledge and maintaining a victorious mindset.
I am currently working as a networking specialist at South State Bank. Originally from Haiti, I reside in Central Florida with my family while conducting State travel to support various network infrastructures. My expertise and diligence have led my department to overcome critical vulnerabilities. While at Valencia College, I successfully completed a degree for Cyber Security and Network Administration. I strongly believe that there is so much to offer in this lifetime, especially in the IT field. Every business faces its own challenges, but cybercrime is trap most businesses fall victim to.
EMILIO MERISIERCo-Owner, Technical Lead