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Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting

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We can stop cyber threats before they occur. Read how we can protect your business.


Our mission is to enhance our client's cyber security and IT computing posture. We will identify the necessary improvements and changes that will achieve digital serenity. We partner with other proven cyber companies that will execute risk remediation, system upgrades, and cloud optimization. Our company aims to garner trust, build relationships, and facilitate cohesion that bolsters success!

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Pulse Secure

Office 365

Cyber Security Statistics

81% of breaches are due to stolen or weak passwords.

 - 2019 Verizon Report

DUO Multi-Factor authentication stops 95% of cyber attacks., 2020

Digital Serenity

Our services will provide your organization peace of mind by executing tedious & demanding cybersecurity tasks.

Cyber Security Consulting

Consulting for small to medium-size businesses on how to protect their infrastructure.

Versatile & Scalable

We have capabilities that enable growth & flexibility no matter how many users and platforms requested.

Brilliant Staff Support

Premier customer service leading to seamless resolutions and timely support.

About Us

Lucid Cyber Solutions is dedicated to fulfill client endeavors through premier cyber security services. Our efficient multi-factor authentication streamlines critical business processes. We offer tailored policies that secure your organization’s computing and system


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